Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials: Fans of the Hip

November 8, 2019 : 9:00am - November 10, 2019 - 1:00pm

Anatomy ​Trains ​Structural ​Essentials: ​Fans ​of ​the ​Hip ​with ​Debra ​Dower ​

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Friday, ​Saturday, ​November ​8, ​9: ​9 ​am ​– ​5 ​pm; ​Sunday, ​November ​10, ​2019: ​9 ​am ​– ​1 ​pm ​

$375 ​AMTA ​Member| ​$395 ​Non-Member ​by ​9/30/19| ​$445 ​All ​registrations ​after ​10/1/19

Fox ​Valley ​Technical ​College ​Appleton ​Main ​Campus ​

1825 ​N ​Bluemound ​Drive ​Appleton, ​Wl ​54914 ​

Fans ​of ​the ​Hip

The ​hip ​and ​pelvis ​combine ​to ​transfer ​the ​forces ​from ​two ​legs ​and ​into ​the ​one ​spine ​and ​therefore ​has ​a ​hugely ​complex ​role ​to ​fulfill ​in ​the ​body. ​Ida ​Rolf ​described ​the ​pelvis ​as ​‘the ​joint ​that ​determines ​symmetry’ ​and ​it ​is ​easy ​to ​see ​why. ​Differences ​between ​the ​hips ​can ​affect ​down ​into ​the ​legs ​or ​up ​through ​the ​spine. ​Achieving ​balance ​here ​can ​be ​essential ​for ​long ​lasting ​results ​in ​any ​therapy. ​This ​course ​sheds ​light ​on ​the ​pelvis ​– ​the ​keystone ​of ​human ​architecture ​– ​by ​organizing ​the ​20 ​or ​so ​muscles ​of ​the ​pelvis ​into ​three ​fans. ​Get ​specific ​with ​sensitivity.

Highlights ​include:

• Seeing ​how ​the ​soft ​tissue ​is ​arranged ​in ​an ​easy ​to ​understand ​pattern

• Using ​these ​fans ​to ​balance ​pelvic ​tilts ​and ​torsions

• Learning ​how ​to ​work ​accurately, ​effectively ​and ​sensitively ​with ​the ​adductors ​around ​the ​ischial ​ramus ​and ​deep ​lateral ​rotators, ​leading ​to ​the ​pelvic ​floor

• The ​psoas ​complex ​and ​the ​many ​variations ​on ​ideas ​of ​how ​it ​does ​(or ​does ​not) ​affect ​pelvic, ​low ​back ​and ​hip ​patterns

• Learn ​to ​balance ​the ​common ​rotational ​movements ​of ​the ​knee

Structural ​Essential ​series ​is ​a ​set ​of ​intensive ​soft-tissue ​technique ​courses ​divided ​into ​functional ​regions. ​Combining ​movement ​and ​manual ​techniques ​for ​the ​most ​efficient ​and ​long-lasting ​results ​and ​using ​the ​latest ​research ​on ​the ​interaction ​between ​skeleton, ​muscles, ​joints, ​and ​fascial ​proprioceptors, ​this ​series ​of ​workshops ​will ​take ​you ​to ​a ​new ​level ​in ​therapy.

Designed ​with ​the ​busy ​manual ​therapist ​in ​mind, ​each ​Structural ​Essentials ​event ​gives ​you ​a ​new ​understanding ​of ​the ​relevant ​area. ​The ​content ​will ​outline ​how ​the ​structural ​and ​functional ​anatomy ​relates ​to ​many ​common ​issues ​as ​well ​as ​to ​the ​rest ​of ​the ​body. ​Based ​on ​many ​new ​and ​established ​approaches ​this ​series ​will ​give ​you ​the ​skills ​in ​palpation, ​Body Reading ​and ​functional ​analysis ​needed ​for ​the ​modern ​multidisciplinary ​therapist.

Participant ​Materials: ​Massage ​Table, ​sheets/towels, ​Non-oily ​lotion, ​Specific ​Clothing: ​

During ​the ​practical ​portion ​of ​this ​workshop, ​participants ​will ​be ​asked ​to ​remove ​articles ​of ​clothing. ​

(The ​legs, ​abdomen ​and ​most ​of ​the ​back ​will ​be ​exposed ​for ​palpation ​and ​technique). ​Therefore, ​we ​ask ​that ​you ​dress ​appropriately ​for ​you ​and ​your ​fellow ​students ​to ​feel ​comfortable ​in ​the ​classroom. ​Suggestions: ​briefs/boxers ​for ​underwear, ​full ​coverage ​bra, ​or ​a ​2-piece ​swim ​suit ​work ​best ​but ​form ​fitting ​clothing ​such ​as ​running ​shorts, ​sports ​bra, ​tank ​top ​are ​adequate*. ​

*No ​one ​is ​compelled ​to ​disrobe ​beyond ​their ​comfort ​level.

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Debra ​Dower ​Debra, ​Instructor ​is ​co-owner ​of ​Ananda ​Integration ​and ​Dower ​Wellness, ​based ​out ​of ​Lancaster ​PA. ​She ​has ​over ​a ​decade ​of ​experience ​in ​the ​alternative ​health ​and ​wellness ​field. ​She ​and ​her ​husband, ​Nick, ​are ​currently ​spearheading ​the ​Holistic ​Therapy ​movement ​at ​Lancaster ​General ​Health/ ​Penn ​Medicine, ​where ​she ​is ​the ​manager ​of ​Holistic ​Therapy.

Debra ​graduated ​from ​the ​Lancaster ​School ​of ​Massage, ​where ​she ​now ​teaches ​Anatomy ​and ​Physiology. ​She ​is ​a ​Board ​Certified ​Structural ​Integrator ​and ​completed ​the ​entire ​course ​of ​study ​at ​Anatomy ​Trains ​Structural ​Integration ​(ATSI). ​Debra ​is ​now ​an ​assistant ​teacher ​at ​the ​ATSI ​course ​and ​a ​teacher ​for ​the ​Anatomy ​Trains ​short ​courses. ​She ​has ​over ​1,000 ​hours ​of ​certified ​yoga ​instructor ​training ​and ​teaches ​yoga ​at ​Evolution ​Power ​Yoga ​in ​Lancaster, ​PA.

The ​Structural ​Essentials ​(SE) ​workshops ​are ​most ​easily ​absorbed ​in ​the ​order ​outlined ​below ​but ​you ​can ​do ​them ​in ​any ​order ​as ​time ​permits.

Arches ​and ​the ​Legs ​– ​3 ​days

Fans ​of ​the ​Hip ​– ​2 ​½ ​days

Abdomen, ​Chest ​and ​Breath ​– ​2 ​½ ​days

Tensegrity ​Spine ​– ​2 ​days

Shoulders ​& ​Arms ​– ​2 ​days

Head, ​Neck ​& ​Jaw ​– ​2 ​days

Note: ​It ​is ​not ​required, ​but ​strongly ​recommended ​taking ​the ​Anatomy ​Trains ​in ​Structure ​& ​Function ​course ​before ​taking ​the ​SE ​courses. ​Familiarity ​with ​the ​Anatomy ​Trains ​lines ​and ​concepts ​is ​key ​to ​getting ​the ​most ​from ​the ​program.

REFUNDS/CANCELLATION ​POLICY: ​Full ​refund, ​minus ​$30.00 ​administrative ​fee. ​

No ​refunds ​will ​be ​given ​for ​cancellations ​less ​than ​72 ​hours ​prior ​to ​the ​event.

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