Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials: Fans of the Hip

November 8, 2019 : 9:00am - November 10, 2019 - 1:00pm

Anatomy ​Trains ​Structural ​Essentials: ​Fans ​of ​the ​Hip ​with ​Eli Thompson ​

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Friday, ​Saturday, ​November ​8, ​9: ​9 ​am ​– ​5 ​pm; ​Sunday, ​November ​10, ​2019: ​9 ​am ​– ​1 ​pm ​

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Fans ​of ​the ​Hip

The ​hip ​and ​pelvis ​combine ​to ​transfer ​the ​forces ​from ​two ​legs ​and ​into ​the ​one ​spine ​and ​therefore ​has ​a ​hugely ​complex ​role ​to ​fulfill ​in ​the ​body. ​Ida ​Rolf ​described ​the ​pelvis ​as ​‘the ​joint ​that ​determines ​symmetry’ ​and ​it ​is ​easy ​to ​see ​why. ​Differences ​between ​the ​hips ​can ​affect ​down ​into ​the ​legs ​or ​up ​through ​the ​spine. ​Achieving ​balance ​here ​can ​be ​essential ​for ​long ​lasting ​results ​in ​any ​therapy. ​This ​course ​sheds ​light ​on ​the ​pelvis ​– ​the ​keystone ​of ​human ​architecture ​– ​by ​organizing ​the ​20 ​or ​so ​muscles ​of ​the ​pelvis ​into ​three ​fans. ​Get ​specific ​with ​sensitivity.

Highlights ​include:

• Seeing ​how ​the ​soft ​tissue ​is ​arranged ​in ​an ​easy ​to ​understand ​pattern

• Using ​these ​fans ​to ​balance ​pelvic ​tilts ​and ​torsions

• Learning ​how ​to ​work ​accurately, ​effectively ​and ​sensitively ​with ​the ​adductors ​around ​the ​ischial ​ramus ​and ​deep ​lateral ​rotators, ​leading ​to ​the ​pelvic ​floor

• The ​psoas ​complex ​and ​the ​many ​variations ​on ​ideas ​of ​how ​it ​does ​(or ​does ​not) ​affect ​pelvic, ​low ​back ​and ​hip ​patterns

• Learn ​to ​balance ​the ​common ​rotational ​movements ​of ​the ​knee

Structural ​Essential ​series ​is ​a ​set ​of ​intensive ​soft-tissue ​technique ​courses ​divided ​into ​functional ​regions. ​Combining ​movement ​and ​manual ​techniques ​for ​the ​most ​efficient ​and ​long-lasting ​results ​and ​using ​the ​latest ​research ​on ​the ​interaction ​between ​skeleton, ​muscles, ​joints, ​and ​fascial ​proprioceptors, ​this ​series ​of ​workshops ​will ​take ​you ​to ​a ​new ​level ​in ​therapy.

Designed ​with ​the ​busy ​manual ​therapist ​in ​mind, ​each ​Structural ​Essentials ​event ​gives ​you ​a ​new ​understanding ​of ​the ​relevant ​area. ​The ​content ​will ​outline ​how ​the ​structural ​and ​functional ​anatomy ​relates ​to ​many ​common ​issues ​as ​well ​as ​to ​the ​rest ​of ​the ​body. ​Based ​on ​many ​new ​and ​established ​approaches ​this ​series ​will ​give ​you ​the ​skills ​in ​palpation, ​Body Reading ​and ​functional ​analysis ​needed ​for ​the ​modern ​multidisciplinary ​therapist.

Participant ​Materials: ​Massage ​Table, ​sheets/towels, ​Non-oily ​lotion, ​Specific ​Clothing: ​

During ​the ​practical ​portion ​of ​this ​workshop, ​participants ​will ​be ​asked ​to ​remove ​articles ​of ​clothing. ​

(The ​legs, ​abdomen ​and ​most ​of ​the ​back ​will ​be ​exposed ​for ​palpation ​and ​technique). ​Therefore, ​we ​ask ​that ​you ​dress ​appropriately ​for ​you ​and ​your ​fellow ​students ​to ​feel ​comfortable ​in ​the ​classroom. ​Suggestions: ​briefs/boxers ​for ​underwear, ​full ​coverage ​bra, ​or ​a ​2-piece ​swim ​suit ​work ​best ​but ​form ​fitting ​clothing ​such ​as ​running ​shorts, ​sports ​bra, ​tank ​top ​are ​adequate*. ​

*No ​one ​is ​compelled ​to ​disrobe ​beyond ​their ​comfort ​level.

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Eli Thompson He has been a Massage Therapist for almost two decades, graduating from the Muscular Therapy Institute of Cambridge, MA with a strong emphasis on anatomy, physiology, and pathology. He completed his certification in structural integration with Tom Myers at his Anatomy Trains Structural Integration School (ATSI) in 2003.

Eli became a Certified Teacher of Anatomy Trains in 2005 and travels throughout the US and South America giving lectures, teaching workshops, and mentoring teacher trainees. While not traveling he offers ATSI Structural Integration and Therapeutic Massage at the Boston Posture Center. He also designed and produces teaching tools known as ‘Tensegri-teach’ models, which show the importance of soft-tissue balance to clients and are sold through Anatomy Trains.

With a background in mechanical engineering, a history of Martial Arts, and a family of five, Eli is effectively able to weave complex scientific theories into the constant movement and humanity of life. He finds satisfaction in conveying to his students “the seamless wonder of our bodies, our minds, and our experience of life itself.”

The ​Structural ​Essentials ​(SE) ​workshops ​are ​most ​easily ​absorbed ​in ​the ​order ​outlined ​below ​but ​you ​can ​do ​them ​in ​any ​order ​as ​time ​permits.

Arches ​and ​the ​Legs ​– ​3 ​days

Fans ​of ​the ​Hip ​– ​2 ​½ ​days

Abdomen, ​Chest ​and ​Breath ​– ​2 ​½ ​days

Tensegrity ​Spine ​– ​2 ​days

Shoulders ​& ​Arms ​– ​2 ​days

Head, ​Neck ​& ​Jaw ​– ​2 ​days

Note: ​It ​is ​not ​required, ​but ​strongly ​recommended ​taking ​the ​Anatomy ​Trains ​in ​Structure ​& ​Function ​course ​before ​taking ​the ​SE ​courses. ​Familiarity ​with ​the ​Anatomy ​Trains ​lines ​and ​concepts ​is ​key ​to ​getting ​the ​most ​from ​the ​program.

REFUNDS/CANCELLATION ​POLICY: ​Full ​refund, ​minus ​$30.00 ​administrative ​fee. ​

No ​refunds ​will ​be ​given ​for ​cancellations ​less ​than ​72 ​hours ​prior ​to ​the ​event.

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