August 19th 2017 Meeting Minutes

AMTA Wisconsin Fall Conference

Hotel Meade in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

August 19th 2017

6:40pm meeting begins

Mindy Murkley-Kruckeberg- President

Kelsey Lyons- Board Member

Marilyn Heckert- Financial Administrator

 Stepha Ksionda- Secretary

Mary Schwieger- COC & CSMT Chair

 Casey Guilfoyle- Education Chair

Lynn Kutz- Delegate, Government Relations Chair

Leah Strutz- Website

 Ronnie Artero Federick- Chapter Meeting Coordinator

Jeffery Montoya- School Liaison

 Marialyce Dorman- Display Chair

Jacci Hortsman- Delegate

Mindy and Casey ask committee members to rise for recognition. 

We would like to give thanks and acknowledge to committee members:

Ronnie, Leah, Martha, Sara, Annie, Kelsey and Ashley

6:47pm Professional Member in good standing

a member who has professional standing- does not include student members or recent graduate. 21 out of 24 people rise, Quorum, of 11 is needed.

6:50pm Vote for sergeant at arms

Jeff Montoya

6:51pm Call for New Business

Motion: Moved to accept Agenda

Kelsey and Casey M/S/A

*April 23rd meeting minutes reviewed June 11, 2017 checking to see if review is approved

All in favor

7:01pm Marilyn addresses members on Approved Budget 17/18

-Effective August 15th 2017

-On target

-Highlights to areas where we have saved and areas of improvement

-Committees are all within their budgets

-Affective December 2016 for the new reimbursement protocol from nationals overseeing state.

-Students get free membership if they are an AMTA approved schools otherwise it is 45$ per person

-Fiscal year March 1st

-Proposed budget, voting on it in November

7:19pm Break for Door Prizes

7:23pm Delegate Presentation

Casey, Leah, Lynn, Jeffery, Ronnie, Jacci


Allowance of dues received (Indiana model)

-Student to pay 10$ to use towards a student day including benefits specifically just for students. Nationals receives money contributed for students, the state does not receive money from students. This option would allow more opportunities for the massage student population.

*Full support of this recommendation through a show of hands was majority approved.

Position Statements

“Massage Therapy can Provide Significant Benefit as a Component of Integrative Health Care”

Casey quotes cited research from the WHO and other organizations that suggests massage therapy is a significant benefit. Massage can be beneficial for physical, mental health.

“It is the position of AMTA that massage therapy can provide significant benefit as a component of integrative health care.” First submission for integrative health with AMTA Wi. Position Statements.

7:45pm House of Delegates will now change and ALL chapters will have only 2 delegates. It will be renamed AOD- Assembly of Delegates. Position Statement Review Committee will no longer exist following September 2017.

7:52pm Break for Door Prizes

7:55pm Old Business

First year we are doing online elections. Seeking Online Elections Coordinator since Mary Schweiger will be stepping down. Format for elections has changed to make the process easier.

8:06pm Government Relations

Lynn discusses publication for massage therapy revenue. Where she participated in editing the document.

Lynn discusses proactive effort in massage law establishment

Working on expanding our scope of practice in these categories:



-ROM- right now limited to Passive ROM

-Body wraps and scrubs listed so we can discuss benefits

-Instruction on Self Care

**Penalty class D misdemeanor for unauthorized practice of massage

Mary CSMT Committee reports

Burn Camp was a success

CSMT will be working with Aids Walk in Milwaukee

November 9th Cystic Fibrosis Bank One building Milwaukee

Casey and Kelsey M/S/A

Meeting adjourns at 8:15pm