Chapter Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement for AMTA-WI Chapter Volunteers

Rules of engagement are common sense rules that are acceptable behaviors not tied to any parliamentary order. This commitment encourages civility, courtesy and good humor in and outside of the boardroom for elected or appointed AMTA volunteers.

As a Board member and/or volunteer of AMTA-WI Chapter:

  • I will be present and fully prepared for meetings with a report and supporting documents.
  • I will conduct all discussions of board business in the presence of all board members. Everyone is expected to voice his or her opinions.
  • Meeting decorum is respectful, and no member will reproach another for speaking honestly.
  • I will respond to all board communications (email, regular mail and phone) within 3 business days.
  • I will refrain from knowingly withholding factual information about board matters or Chapter business.
  • I will respect and give fair consideration to diverse and opposing viewpoints.
  • I will be clear about my role and duties as a board member or volunteer and be mindful of AMTA's mission and core values.
  • I will fulfill my agreed-to commitments, and work with other board members in a spirit of cooperation to help them fulfill their commitments.
  • When making decisions, I will consider that we serve the entire AMTA-WI chapter membership.
  • I will be accountable to, accepting of and supportive of decisions made by the Board as a whole when I leave the Board table.
  • I will be mindful that not knowing is not an excuse for not acting or not making a decision.
  • I will raise any concerns before and/or during the Board meeting, instead of after the meeting is completed and the decision has been made.
  • I will pay close attention to the impact of my words in communicating with and about others.
  • I will dress with professionalism at all AMTA sponsored or related activities. Business attire is requested for the official hours of AMTA events. For men that includes a shirt with a collar and slacks, for women a blouse with slacks or skirt, or a dress. No t-shirts (other than AMTA), athletic shorts, or sweats be worn, and that no cleavage be showing for women. When participating in hands-on training, clothing appropriate to the course may be worn.

AMTA House of Delegates Code of Conduct