July 16th 2017 Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting

July 16th 2017

Meeting Call to order 3:11


Mindy Murkley

Kelsey Lyons

Marilyn Heckert

Stepha Ksionda

Jacci Horstman

Leah Strutz

Marialyce Dorman

Lynn Kutz

Casey Guilfoyle

Jeff Montoya [3:43pm call time]

Excused absence: Leah S, Kelsey L, Ronnie A


Editing for June Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve minutes

Marilyn/Stepha M/S/A


Committee Reports

Questions about what may come up in the future or what other volunteers are needed?

Motion to Accept Consent Agenda as edited?

Marilyn/Stepha M/S/A

Display for Hotel Mead

Have: signs, flags, table clothes, sponsorship education, membership. Should be the same as previous years.

Something for newsletter table

-Copies of current newsletter

Volunteers for Hotel Mead

still need 4 people for the clean up crew

Friday 10pm Marilyn, Stepha agree to volunteer for clean up crew

Need Volunteers by 3pm Friday

Casey will send out volunteer sign up sheets

RFP’s with Marilyn 90 days for reimbursement

Class registration sign up for Nationals

Consent Content: Eblast

Lynn has follow up survey for going after establishment licensing

Marilyn will have it back by the 21st, deadline 3 business days

Training on Constant Contact- Casey offering training for Stepha 

 Mindy overviews Potential Venues for November 10th, 11th, 12th 2017 Budget Meeting and Volunteer Development

1. Christine Center, Wallace, WI https://www.google.com/search?q=Christine%20Center

2. YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya, Suring, WI www.campunahliya.org/forms-info/tour-camp/

3. Salon Professional Academy

4. Refuge Foundation for the Arts

*Get quotes and provide at following meeting (August 27th)

Marilyn will do price checks

Jacci and Stepha will get quotes or information on venues they provided

Eating Space, Food, Lodging, Class Rooms, Linens, Towels, Toiletries, Paper goods

Committee Reports for Chapter Members

Pie chart for year to date.

Do not include numbers it is not public information.

Do not have to have it approved by members just have to present it to the members.

Volunteer’s needed

Stepha expresses interest in filling Sports Massage and Social Media

Jeff expresses interest in Social Media/instagram offered recruits for that as well

Social media listed in doing social media for the committee, need administrator status through chapter ownership without being listed an as administrator.

Policy Manuals

50 pages with 10 people would be able 5 pages per person

Mindy will release position descriptions for interested volunteers

Nationals made changes to position descriptions

Student Day 2017

Trying to find another school or educator

Possibly Massage Awareness Week end of October

IBW could host Friday the 27th


Speakers, belonging to AMTA, mini career fair,

Fox Valley Tech, Blue Sky Greenbay and Blue Sky Grafton

Highschool career fairs?

Update from Casey

AMTA WI President reached out for assistance with newsletter, Casey via constant contact emailed and mailed as of 2pm on Saturday July 15, 2017. Can update to facebook and Jeff will look into putting it on twitter.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:59

Marilyn/Stepha M/S/A