June 11th 2017 Meeting Minutes


Wisconsin Chapter Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2017

In Attendance:

Kelsey Lyons (EB)

Marialyce Dorman

Marilyn Heckart

Stepha Ksionda(EB)

Leah Strutz

Mindy Murkley (EB)

Laura Ellingboe

Meeting to order at 3:04

April 23rd minutes

Marilyn and Stepha second minutes

All in Favor of accepting minutes

Committee Reports

Consent Agenda: Marylin and Kelsey

*Tracking report data sheets come in helpful

All in favor

Motion passes

1. Casey is organizing room sharing for Hotel Mead August Meeting

a. Self care Course

b. CPR recertification Course

c. Don’t fill out online let her know, print registration offline and send it to her

d. Announcement for education- hotel mead in Wisconsin Rapids

e. Laura for vendor at August meeting?

2. Website Laura says it almost ready

i. Advertising will need to change, will lose current passwords

ii. Send her changes within next two weeks

iii. Main website click on logo for home page

iv. Resources for RFP forms

3. Marilyn

a. Marialice and Stepha need rooms for nationals

b. RFPs for right around 1500 for nationals and CVOP meals card

c. 90 days to claim or put them on the national card (Mindy and Marilyn)

4. Newsletter- temporary volunteers needed


a. Policy manuals

b. Minutes, next meeting dates, educations

c. Stepha can help Mindy

5. E-blast Coordinator once a month email highlighting things for the month

a. Stepha as possible

6. Last preparations for the nationals, flight info and hotel reservations

a. Mindy and Marilyn organized room chart and suggest either reimbursement for expenses or to pay for accommodations on the chapter card.

7. Team building, Mindy was the only one who wrote down anything in assessment the suggestions for team building at the last in person meeting.

Set aside time for team building in August for Hotel Mead meeting and disclose time at next meeting.

8. Marylin makes motion to adjourn meeting at 4:10pm and Kelsey seconds it.

All in favor of adjourning early