March 4th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

AMTA WI-Chapter Board Meeting Minutes March 4, 2018 3:00pm - 5:00pm

3:00p Meeting Called to Order by: 3:10 by Mindy Murkley

3:00p-3:10p Roll Call- Mindy, President; Leah, Board member; Martha, Board Member; Mary,

CSMT, OEC; Jeff, School Liaison and Delegate; Pam, Social Media (to be appointed);

Excused absence: Lynn Kutz

Absent: Casey Guilfoyle, Stepha K.

Quorum is 3

All minutes have already been approved by email.

3:15p- Review of AMTA March 4, 2018 Committee Reports - Determine Consent Agenda

3:20p- Motion to Approve Consent Agenda made by Martha and second by Leah. Motion passed.

Time Keeper will be Mary.

3:22p-3:45p Review Committee Reports not on Consent Agenda


We are being contacted by potential advertisers for the website and newsletter. Should we tell

them we are not accepting advertising or how should we handle it? Discussion.

Motion to extend time made by Martha, second Mindy. Approved.

Motion made by Martha, second by Mindy. Approved.

We should accept advertising. Content goes to the appropriate person for either the newsletter or

website. The advertisers can be instructed to pay online “contribute to AMTA” button on the

website or a check may be sent to Marilyn

Motion amended to only have payments mailed to Marilyn or organized through Chapter


Government Relations

Discussion regarding approaching Alice (her team create our eBlast)

Motion by Mindy, second by Martha. Approved.

Motion to approach Alice and discuss if her team would be able to take over our eBlast including

an estimate of costs involved.

Newsletter Volunteer will be Casey Guilfoyle

Please send information/articles to Casey ASAP.

Scholarship will be promoted through social media

Social Media

Mindy made a motion to appoint Pamela Radke to Social Media chair. Marilyn second. Approved.

Questions regarding website answered.

Old Business

4:00p-4:10p eBlast Coordinator- Mindy, Leah, and Mary will coordinate and run it.

4:10p-4:20p Updates on Nov 11 Budget Meeting

Stay on task and be prepared in advance so that the meeting will be keep to less than 2


Jeff offers to host the meeting again. Marilyn and Mary are willing to host overnight


New Business:

Set-Budget Meeting & Team Building Where & When, activities??

Escape room; Erie Street Milwaukee, $28/person

Wine tasting; Water to Wine

Craft thing, group painting,


The Chapter Policy Manual will be done being reviewed, Please have your touch ups and notes

in by March 30th. Then released by the middle of April 2018.

Mindy will resend the most current version for editing

The Chapter Procedure Manual will start being put together . At least all volunteers will have

access to it so their jobs are easier. Each volunteer coordinate with Lynn to write up or finish their


4:52pm Adjourned. Motion made by Marilyn. Second by Mindy. Approved.

(Minutes taken by Jeffrey Montoya, in the absence of the secretary)