October 8th 2017 Meeting Minutes

AMTA Goto Board Meeting

October 8, 2017

Meeting called at 3:01pm


Mindy Murkley

Marilyn Heckert

Stepha Ksionda

Jeff Montoya

Leah Strutz

Excused Absence: Kelsey, Casey and Lynn

*September Meeting Cancelled- volunteers at CVOP and National AMTA Convention


Can Ronnie still volunteer? She is considered Professional Inactive. Definition of Professional Standing. Dues need to paid for active volunteers?

Motion to second minutes July minutes

Marilyn and Mindy M/S/P

August Minutes reviewed during goto session and approved.

Marilyn and Mindy M/S/P


Committee Reports reviewed during goto meeting and approved.

Government Relations will happen at executive level.

Consent Agenda reviewed and approved.

Marilyn and Leah M/S/P

School Liaison

Jeff was discussing student day employer contributions for potential swag options for attendees.

For Spring Conference.

July Conference Jeff is offering a three-hour course for ethics to comply with State and National guidelines.

Budget Meeting

Poll for team building experience Saturday or Sunday?

Sunday would be better as long as it is not taking time out of the budget meeting. Jeff is looking into having student volunteers to help with our team building exercises.

-Venue location is either Milwaukee Reiki or IBW, will find out this week

-Team building as one hour break out session on Sunday

Marilyn and Leah M/S/P

All in favor


Stepha is added in for e-blast coordinator October-Novemeber



Marilyn wanted everyone to send in receipts and forms for

Reimbursement to ChapterAccountanting@AMTAmassage.org

Articles from national convention need to be sent to Mindy and are due before reimbursement is issued.


Leah was voted into office in Spetember 2017

Lynn’s procedure manual would be included for all candidates. The process of this is under works to make sure everyone can access it.

Motion to adjurn

Marilyn and Leah M/S/P

All in favor

Meeting adjourns at 3:57pm